With vast management and technical experience, MEKCO Group, Inc. can provide competent, reliable service in the following areas:


In house repairs of In-Flight Entertainment Equipment


For Airlines and Brokers who need additional inventory, AOG situations, or need assistance in searching those hard to find items.

Spares Pool:

To Airlines and leasing companies, we can provide a select offering for In-Flight Entertainment needs at low charges and reliable tracking by serial numbers.

Repair Management:

MEKCO Group has a large network of approved repair vendors who provide the highest reliability repairs and services. This network of vendors is carefully maintained by our Quality Assurance Team. Our Repair Management Services ensure the highest quality, competitive pricing, and quick turn around times, which benefit our customers.

Customer Support:

We provide customized support throughout the repair process to ensure the needs of the customer is always met

Advisory Services:

We have gained from many life experiences a great perspective on business in this industry and provide advice on finance, generation transfer, business growth, marketing, liquidation, as well as many other issues that face business owners.



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